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Welcome Li360 Users. You are in the right place! Let me explain a few things about the Knowledge Communities.

By Dave Andrews posted 11-06-2018 19:35

First, let me thank you for being part of Li360 and welcome you to our new site. The design and performance of the old site was not ideal to say the least, so I am very happy to bring you to a new platform that has been proven with thousands of organizations and that can be customized to work even better, as needed. I hope things are easy to find and intuitive, but we are here to help with questions. I'll start by answering a few you may have. If I miss any, just reply below.

Please remember, the site is still beta-ish, but if you see something, say something. You may find something that still needs a little work. I've tried to cover the larger points of what has changed and what is in process below. 

1. What has come over from Li360?

  • All your colleagues, Pitney Bowes staff and our partners are part of the new site. 
  • Events and announcements: Not only are they here but they are now part of each community so they are easier to find. If you are interested in Confirm webinar or we announce a new version, you'll find it right in the community, neatly organized.
  • Our Technical Support knowledge base content will be part of the site search functionality. That should come in the next week (roughly November 28).
  • We've brought over all posts and responses prior to October 29. The gaps we can close will be addressed November 28 too.
  • We now have communities replacing the major 'groups' on the old site, as well as the former topic areas. Groups are now known as Communities. Communities come in four forms at this time:
    • Product Communities: MapInfo Pro, Spectrum Spatial, Confirm, etc. There are no longer topic areas and groups - it's all housed in the Community.
    • Special Interest Communities: This is a bit of a catch-all, but you may have been part of the UK user group or an industry group like the Telco group. Any former group that wasn't product based now falls into this category.
    • Other Software and Data Community: This is an area to post any question or information that doesn't neatly fit in the above two categories. If you take a look there is content like general LI-related news posts and a lot of the industry content from Li360.
    • Community Announcements: This includes things like new product announcements, announcements about the community (like this one), contest winners, etc. 
While we are talking communities, new ones will be spun off from the 'Other Software and Data' community when we have critical mass. For instance the 'Spectrum for Big Data' topic is gaining interest. There was also an Li360 post suggesting a local government special interest group, which we will launch when sufficient people want to discuss those applications or issues. We will also be consolidating communities from other site supporting our other products like the Spectrum Technology Platform, all of our data products, and EngageOne Compose.

2. What did not come over from Li360?
  • The connections to the people you follow were not transferred over - you will need to connect with them again (see below). Connections at this stage just allow you to maintain a list of your 'friends.' The capability to follow an individual's posts is not yet part of the new platform. 
  • Your message history. Any of the messages you exchanged with the moderators or other users are gone and can't be recovered. Note now you have an inbox on your profile where message history lives.
  • Your profile picture. Note there is a new button on your profile and with one click you can bring in your LinkedIn profile content, making it really easy to add a picture and more.
  • In-line images in posts. When screen grabs were put in questions and comments they have yet to imported. We hope to address this by November 28 too.
3. What about the groups, topics and people I was following or part of?
  • We've tried to pre-register you to follow any content you were previously, but due to some consolidations of content we may have missed some. You of course can join any community you want to at any time (the 'all communities' page and every community home page have join buttons).
  • Everyone is part of the 'Announcements' community.
  • If you need help finding a community or content, let us know.
  • Regretfully, as mentioned above at this time you cannot follow people on the new platform. That functionality will be coming soon.
4. What types of updates and communications should I expect?
  • Good news. Many of you have said that weekly updates are not enough. For each community you can select daily digests now, which is the default (it actually was also available in the old system, but was not the default). You can change your notification frequency using the settings button in any community or on the My Account tab in your profile.
  • Expect more suggestions from our community manager, Sydney. We'll try to coach you to get the most out of your membership as well as periodically point you to new content or site functionality. We promise not to overdo it.
  • For you techies, you can also set-up RSS notifications for any content, via the My Account tab on your profile.
5. How do I message members on the platform?
  • Yes - hover over a contact card and hit the button.
6. What happened to the MapInfo Pro Resource Center?
  • For now that's not on the site but we will launch similar pages for all our products down the line. The content for the resource center is in this blog now, within the MapInfo Pro community.
7. What are the new 'bells and whistles' I can expect on the site?
  • Badges and ribbons to recognize your community contributions. You've already earned at least one. Check your profile for others.
  • The text editor is much more robust - add code snippets, video and embedded links easily.
  • Blogs. We're still thinking about how best to use them, but look for them on the home pages of each community. 
  • Share all content on the site in a variety of ways with share button on each page and post.
  • Did I mention RSS feeds? Users of the MapInfo-L will be happy to know they can set-up RSS feeds (My Account tab on your profile) to keep up-to-date on the community.
  • Communities are better structured than groups and have announcements and events built in.
  • Events: You'll be able to register for many events with one click (delayed introduction).
  • More privacy controls and notification settings.
  • Add your signature to every post by adding it on your profile.
  • Easily create your bio/profile with the one-button import from LinkedIn.
  • And lots more will be added in the coming months to improve your site experience.
Please leave comments, suggestions or additional questions below and we'll answer them.
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