MapInfo Pro

Getting to Know MapInfo Pro v17

By Dave Andrews posted 11-07-2018 11:41


MapInfo Pro was one of the first desktop GIS platform on the scene way back in the 80’s and continues to set the pace for usability and data management. Below you’ll find some select videos and articles to help you become familiar with Pro. Explore the Knowledge Community and our extensive knowledge base for more detailed information using the search bar above, or ask a member of the community for advice. If you have used an earlier version of Pro you may also want to check out the resources we have for becoming familiar with the 64-bit interface.

Introduction to MapInfo Pro

Learn the basic process of creating a map with your data. This video covers basic menus and tasks in MapInfo Pro, importing and formatting spreadsheet data, and basic visualizations.

Using the Map Explorer Window

The explorer provides comprehensive information on your project and workspace, to help you better manage your maps, layers, tables, windows and database connections.

Using the Tool Manager in MapInfo Pro

The tools extension window is on the home tab as an embedded window. Use the tools gallery to undock the tools window so it can be available to you all the time.

Customize MapInfo Pro to Improve your Efficiency

Like other windows-based applications, the interface of MapInfo Pro uses the Microsoft conventions of having a dynamic ribbon bar and a customizable quick access toolbar. Learn to improve your your efficiency and productivity by tailoring menus and tools to suit you.

The Community contains a lot more useful resources for first timers, but feel free to ask questions below if you having any specific challenges getting up to speed.