Using the Cloud Geocoding Service with MapInfo Pro v16 and above - Video

By Dave Andrews posted 11-07-2018 12:43


This video demonstrates both batch and transactional geocoding processes in MapInfo Pro v16. Pitney Bowes' class-leading geocoding process and data is now available to all Pro users to improve your efficiency and results.

In version 17, the interface has changed a bit but the process is largely the same. Refer to the attached document for further detail (version 17 video is on the way). Geocoding_with_MiPro-2.pdf

MapInfo Pro v16 makes it easy for you to geocode your address data with a new cloud based service that provides the most accurate and comprehensive geocoding results available. Geocoding your location, customer or prospect data is the first step to unlocking additional insight from you data by performing advanced analytics. See how easy it is to get started and use. If you have v16 you also have free geocoding credits included with your maintenance plan.