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Unpacking MapInfo Pro v17.0.2

By James Stone posted 12-06-2018 00:00


MapInfo Pro v17.0.2 is more than a minor update. We took advantage of a development cycle initially geared toward adding new language coverage to bring you some really awesome capability that our clients have requested. Specifically:

  1. MapInfo ProViewer – expand the use of mapping to others in your organization.  This version is similar to the 32-bit version, but now it’s the same interface and code base as the full version of MapInfo Pro.  Users can view maps, data, and layouts and print to a pdf, printer, or save to an image file.  It’s a free version, so users can’t edit or save changes without upgrading to the full version. Learn more about the viewer here.
  2. GeoMaps – the global basemap from Open Street Map can be launched directly from MapInfo Pro as well as the MapInfo ProViewer.  Choose from three different styles to see your data on base maps that require no installation or license fees. Learn more about Geomap here.
  3. New Layout Commands - We have added four new Layout commands to distribute selected items in a Layout. The four commands allow users to distribute layout objects horizontally or vertically across a page.  They are available as Run Menu Commands and also from the Customize Ribbon dialog (so they can be used in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), or added to a mini-toolbar such as the Layout mini-toolbar, etc.). 

Getting started with the features above requires you to download and install version 17.0.2 here. You also need to establish a free online account to access the Viewer or GeoMaps. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can open an account here. This account also allows access to previously released features including geocoding and routing, and all clients who are up to date on maintenance receive free credits for the geocoding and routing services, a great reason to go test them out.

Please post any comments below on the latest release - I'm keen to have your feedback.

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7 days ago

Steve, I agree that we can do much better with these.  It's a priority in the 17.0.3 release to make them more user-friendly and also smaller.

7 days ago

Gotta say, not loving the confusing installation dialogs though for latest installation of Pro...

12-17-2018 13:18

And there is a webinar coming up January 15th that will cover this and more regarding the new release.