Meet the Community Team

By Sydney Lawton posted 12-13-2018 14:48

Greetings Knowledge Community members!

I'd like to introduce myself officially to you - I'm Sydney Lawton, the Community Manager here on the Knowledge Communities. I used to be in Software Support taking cases for the Spectrum Technology Platform. You may have heard my voice on some YouTube videos for Technical Support as well. I'm excited to be here in the communities, helping you to find the places to connect with each other and with experts for anything you may want to talk about with PB Software and Data.

When I'm not wearing my Community Manager hat, I am an avid game nerd - both on a table and on a console. I love to sing and am extremely proud of my rank on the scoreboard for "Brutal Mode" vocals on Rock Band 4. I also love to read, write, design, and learn. I dream of traveling to Japan one day as well.

But enough about me! I'd like to introduce you now to the Moderator team. The Moderators will be here in the community to help keep conversations flowing and on track:

Aakash Kumar Singh

Hey Everyone,

I am a Tech Enthusiast, a Music lover, a trained Indian Classical Singer, a You tuber.

Currently working in Frontline Team as Software Support Engineer.

I am very excited to join you all as a Moderator. Feel free to give your views, suggestions and queries for our community.

Nalin Mathur

I am a Software Support Engineer working in Pitney Bowes, assisting people with Spectrum Spatial Analyst. I started my career as an Electronics Engineer but later fall in love with IT and pursuing the same ever since.

I love working in Software Support as it give me collaboration with new people and learning of new & challenging things every day.
Outside my working hours, I am a singer and a painter. There is a theatre artist breathes inside me too and I have acted as well as directed several stage shows and street plays in different parts of India. My creative thinking helps me getting the best out of my job as well as my hobbies.

Being a moderator in Pitney Bowes knowledge community, I will encourage active participation and quality rich content.


Senior Support Engineer (CES)

I started my IT career in 1994, after having worked in Graphic Arts for over 20 years in Sweden and the US. I moved to France in 1997, to The Netherlands in 2008, and to the UK in 2010. I now live in Henley-on-Thames only a few kilometres from the PB office.
I am a Swedish/US dual national, and my wife is French. I have friends and family across the globe.

Food should always be healthy, organic, free range, fair trade, and taste great. However, I enjoy my Single Malt Scotch Whiskey neat, my Guinness warm, my coffee strong, and my wine red.

Chris Sannes

Hi, I'm Chris Sannes. I'm a Senior Software Support Analyst with Pitney Bowes, specializing in the EngageOne Suite. I support EngageOne Vault, Deliver, Converse, Video, and SmartSuite. Outside of work, my interests include foreign film, personal finance, fine dining, live theater, and retro computing!

Thank you for taking the time to meet the team - we're all available to help if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to talk. We look forward to working with you, and seeing you in the communities.

Sydney Lawton
Community Manager