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Knowledge Communities Feedback Welcome

By Sydney Lawton posted 12-20-2018 15:41


Greetings Community members,

Many of you have asked for a place to make suggestions and give feedback on the Knowledge Communities itself. We're working on a more official place to put together Community related ideas, but for now, please add comments to this blog post if you have suggestions or feedback for the site.

I want to make this site helpful and inspiring for you, so please share your feedback so I can continue to make improvements that will help all our members.

Thank you,
Sydney Lawton
Community Manager




09-17-2019 11:58

Thanks again @Kieran McGowan for the feedback!

I'll bring the idea about search to our platform vendor. I do see the appeal of having all the comments separate though - sometimes threads can get very long, but you only care about one post in it. Having a search return individual posts makes it easier to jump straight to the one you care about.

As far as version tags... this one I've been holding off on. Tags were extremely misused in our older community, and people were just throwing them on in case it got their post seen. It's also difficult because some questions have no version to attach them to, or apply to versions above a certain level but not below.... hoo, it gets confusing real fast! For now, I think the easiest thing to do is to ask your fellow community members what version they're referring to if there's a question you're interested in or think you can answer. That will help spread the idea that when people ask questions, they should include the version number in the post (and therefore search would pick that up).

Thank you again!​

09-15-2019 20:40

Thanks Sydney, Another thing i've noticed when searching for answers in the community is that there seems to be a link or search result provider for every related comment. This can turn out many pages of results, i believe it better to summarize per topic heading to quickly gauge its relevance to your issue/question.

Also a filter or tags on product version, something talking about a solution in spectrum 12 may not be useful with 18

08-20-2019 09:22

Hi @Kieran McGowan thanks for the comment! It's never too late for feedback. :)

I'll let the MapInfo and SSA teams know that you're looking for some basics, but in the meantime, did you know that MapInfo has a lot of basics videos on YouTube? Some of these are posted in the community, but you can find them (mixed in with some Spectrum basics and a few other how-to guides for our other products) on this playlist:

Be sure to come back and share with the community which videos helped, and what you'd like to see next.

Thank you again!​

08-19-2019 22:59

Perhaps i'm late in the game (and quite new to all things GIS) but i'd like to see some videos published on the most common tasks with Mapinfo / SSA. e.g. best practices for naming conventions, structure within your directory

02-25-2019 10:41

​​@Syndney Lawton - Thank you.  You're doing a wonderful job with these Communities!​

02-25-2019 10:32

Hi @Nancy Greenfield​,

Unfortunately, the community's messages come from the community site, so I can't change it to a PB domain. I don't know that IT Security would whitelist it either, and I'm not sure I'd want to since not everyone on this site is a PB employee. Our users and customers are here as well, which means you should still exercise caution with messages you receive.

That said, I will look into the email templates and see if I could spruce up the messages a little bit, or add our logo at least so that it is clear it is coming from the PB Knowledge Communities.

As far as SSO - this is something I am not able to comment on 100%, but right now the system needs to be integrated with a specific system in order to work for our customers. SSO for us works on a completely different system, and they are incompatible for this purpose. We'll always keep our eyes out for ways to make things more streamlined as we continue though.

Thank you for your questions and suggestions! :)

02-22-2019 10:48

@Sydney Lawton 

Hi Sydney, 

Today I received my first "Contact request" from "<TheirName>via Pitney Bowes <>" 

There was no truly identifying information in the automated email, so I looked up the individual in our PB Outlook Directory to see if the person is a PB employee and then I reached out directly to verify the source of the external email, writing, "While the name “pitneybowes” displays in the URL, anyone can add that to a URL to pose as a legitimate source, and the email itself is not properly branded with Pitney Bowes logo and your name (because it comes from an outside email source) shows the status light gray.  I am guessing it is legit and once you confirm, I’ll accept." 

This individual did confirm and it was great to make the connection. 

  1. See if PB/IT security can replace the warning about coming from an outside source and, instead, add a message saying it comes from the PB Communities
  2. Brand  the PB Community automated emails.
  • Is it possible, some day in the future, to have SSO for PB employees?

Thank you,



02-19-2019 09:34

Hi @Marilyn Smith, this is the Pitney Bowes Knowledge Communities, which is for sharing ideas and discussing PB Software related information. I apologize for any frustration you are experiencing, but you'll need to talk to your account manager about statement-related questions as we can't address those here in the community. If you would like, please click on my name and send me a private message - I'll do my best to help you find the right people to talk to.

Thank you.​

02-18-2019 08:47

​What on earth is this I've been signed up to - I thought I was signing up for paperless billing I'm NOT interested in this stuff!! I've been forced to go paperless as I object strongly to have to pay for invoices AND statements!! I will be reconsidering my contract when it is up for renewal

01-29-2019 12:20

@Ross Johnson we can do that! Let me find someone to demo that for you - they may reach out for clarification, etc. as necessary.​

01-28-2019 23:28

Good!   User guide doesn't cut it nowadays.  I want a tutorial on making a thematic map using ABS area like SA1 (statistical area 1).  How to I change the csv files to text so that I can it work?

Ross Johnson
South Australia

01-15-2019 17:45

Great! thank you

01-15-2019 17:37

Hi Rebecca,

The contact info update issue was mentioned in an announcement here.

The quick version though is - our back end system that controls the contact info can't take updates from the community right now. We are working on it so this won't be an issue in the future, but for now, you can send me a message with the contact details you would like to have updated and I can perform the change from behind the scenes. Feel free to send me a private message on the site, or you can email

Thank you, and I apologize for the frustration.

01-15-2019 17:20

I can't update the information in my profile, which is not quite right and a bit frustrating.

Is there somewhere I can update these details? I've gone through all the settings I can find and I can't change my name, position, organisation name

12-21-2018 09:01

Hi John,

Microsoft Edge has issues with advanced coding support on the web. Many websites don't work properly in it and recommend using a different browser. As a matter of fact, earlier this month reports were made that Edge will be dropped by Microsoft in the future, as they are working on a brand new browser built on a different base system (Chromium/Blink instead of EdgeHTML). I can speak to the vendor about whether Edge support is incoming, but this is something outside our direct control. I will be sure to put it in an update if support is ever extended to Edge.

Thank you for the comment!

12-21-2018 05:30

Could you please make it work in Microsoft Edge?