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Version 17.0.4 now available

  • 1.  Version 17.0.4 now available

    Posted 09-04-2019 09:33
    ​Version 17.0.4 has a few bug fixes in it - and in particular, there was a glitch with reading asc files.
    All fixed, as I have just run Peter Horsbøll Møller's Raster merge tool.
    Took 1,707 asc files 9.5GB and merged into one mrr file of 3.3GB of the Yorkshire coastline.
    It took about 10 minutes to run.
    Free 1metre resolution DSM data from The Environment Agency.
    Here is lovely Whitby
    Whitby 1m DSM LiDAR data

    John Ievers
    CDR Group
    Hope Valley, United Kingdom