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    Posted 09-08-2020 20:21
    Does anyone know if there is a current pdf for the tutorial package that comes with MapInfo Pro?

    It isn't in with the data files on my computer (C:\ProgramData\Encom\Discover\Discover Tutorial) and I can't find any online past 2014. Also the links described in in the support page here (Where can I find documentation and tutorials for MapInfo Discover?) don't match what I have on my system;
         "User Guides and Tutorials PDF's can be found within the product either via:
      • PRO tab > Add Ins > MapInfo Discover > Manuals/Tutorials or
      • Browsing to your C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Discover\Documentation folder"
    The video tutorials have also been taken down from youtube, does this mean Precisely/Pitney Bowes is removing any free tutorial options?

    Thanks for your help

    Will Ryan
    Knowledge Community Shared Account