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Layouts and legends

  • 1.  Layouts and legends

    Posted 09-15-2020 08:52
    I'm creating a layout with legends.
    Two issues;
    1. The main map area in the layout doesn't auto refresh (or even non auto refresh) if I change anything in the main Map window.
    2. The legends also don't auto refresh, in fact choosing the legend for a 'frame' seems to have some bugs in it. In that the legend option only allows one choice to 'add' to the layout legend.
    My experiences with an older version (8.0) were that everything auto refreshed in the layout window.


    Graham Smith

  • 2.  RE: Layouts and legends

    Posted 09-15-2020 09:02
    Hi Graham

    I'm assuming that you have switched a recent version of MapInfo Pro.

    One of the things we changed when we implemented the new layout, was that we inserted/embedded the map directly into the layout instead of inserting a reference to another map window.

    This basically means that to change the map you see in the layout, you have to active it (for example by double-clicking on it) and then change it directly through the layout.

    @John Ievers created a nice video showing how to work with layouts in MapInfo Pro v2019.​

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
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