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Mapinfo Discover and Spatialite DB

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    Posted 29 days ago
    Edited by Russell Ferguson 27 days ago
    Hi Guy's I am having a bit of a problem with mapping data from a spatialite database, I can't seem to find out how to make the table mappable and show the point, lines, or polygons. MapInfo Discover 2019, and spatialite 3
    I can open the table and browse it. but can't make it mappable.
    The errors are below see pix

    I have added the Mapinfo_Mapcatalog table and added an entry for the table in question and it seems to think it is mappable until I go to open it inside mapinfo.
    The table works in QGIS with no problems. and is ok in the spatialite gui, all seems normal.
    I couldn't find much searching on the net, I'm hoping someone here can help with the issue.
    I must be doing something wrong in the process I think, but running out of Ideas.

    Don't Worry, looking at an alternate option now
    Russell Ferguson
    GIS and IS Coordinator
    Ararat Rural City Council
    Ararat VIC