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Layout Frames and Legend

  • 1.  Layout Frames and Legend

    Posted 03-06-2020 10:22
    ​Hi I am using 64 Bit MapInfo Pro version 17.

    How do I insert a Legend into a new Frame on my Layout window? Whenever I insert a Legend into a Frame onto the Layout window it doesn't go inside the Frame but instead goes on the grey area next to the Layout window therefore I have to drag it onto my Layout window which is v annoying and time consuming. How do I make the Legend go directly into a Frame on the Layout window?



    Richard S


  • 2.  RE: Layout Frames and Legend

    Posted 03-08-2020 23:51
    Edited by Shweta Shukla 03-09-2020 00:00
    Hi Richard,

    You can do this by creating a New Frame in the Layout window and then inserting a Legend into it. To enable the Legend icon, there should be  a Map on the Layout.

    1. Choose Layout ribbon > Insert section > Frame > New Frame
    2. Click on  Legend to choose the layer for which the Legend has to be created

    This will insert the Legend window in the Frame.

    When you bring in a Map layer with a Legend already created, it can go in the grey area because of a different zoom level.


    Shweta Shukla
    Pitney Bowes Software India

  • 3.  RE: Layout Frames and Legend

    Posted 04-17-2020 19:24
    Edited by Richard Sherman 04-17-2020 19:24
    Hi Shweta,

    Many thanks for your reply. I understand how to insert a new legend into a layout window but my trouble is that when I do so it always inserts to the far right of my layout window (in the grey area to the side) therefore when I want to rearrage it's location I have to drag it to its preferred location which causes the legend to be distorted and it is quite difficult to do it accurately. Therefore would I need to create a new frame onto the layout window first of all and selecting this before actually inserting the Legend in the layout window?


    Richard Sherman