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MapInfo Pro version 2019 sneak peek

  • 1.  MapInfo Pro version 2019 sneak peek

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 15 days ago
    Edited by James Stone 15 days ago

    As we approach the release of version 2019, I would like to share an example of the new power and usability of the query tools in MapInfo Pro. 

    Our own Peter Horsbøll-Møller has created a video of a typical user scenario that demonstrates the new SQL tools in around 3 minutes. 

    Community members can see the #Video by clicking here.

    Be sure to check out the other new features in v2019:

    • MapInfo Marketplace Enhance your location analytics with customized apps
    • Map Layout Improvements Make beautiful maps with new layout improvements including vector legends and line/fill style enhancements
    • Heat Mapping Turn your data into insights using new, integrated heat mapping

    Feel free to post your ideas about how you plan to use these features.



    Jim Stone
    Pitney Bowes
    Senior Product Manager, MapInfo Pro
    Reading, MA

  • 2.  RE: MapInfo Pro version 2019 sneak peek

    Posted 7 days ago
    Thank you for sharing the SQL example video @James Stone.   ​  That's going to make it so much easier for the end-users to perform queries in a repeated manner on the fly!!  :)

    Tim Warfe
    GIS Officer