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MapInfo Network Licensing

  • 1.  MapInfo Network Licensing

    Posted 12-03-2019 05:51

    I need to design a resilient license solution for MapInfo Pro using a network license server. As far as I can determine, it is not possible to have either:

    1. Two Active License Servers. (Note: I think it is possible to have two license servers configured and have the clients split to take the license from one server or the other but we really need all clients to have 100% availability)
    2. An Active/Passive License Server pair. (In this case, Server A issues licenses, in the event of failure, the clients connect to server B if Server A does not respond. All licenses are available on both servers).

    The plan is to install two VM servers, one in each of two geographically separate AWS AZs.

    I understand how licenses are transferred from one server to another, but in the event that we 'lost' one AZ (Availability Zone - effectively a datacentre), it would not be possible to transfer any licenses back to PB then relicense the second server. even if it was, it hardly constitutes the concept of a high availability solution as this is a relatively high time consuming process..

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could create a legal solution to this requirement?  Using VM imaging isn't an option unfortunately as the license server will be shared with other license application services which require a hardware key.



    Martyn Kinder
    Knowledge Community Shared Account

  • 2.  RE: MapInfo Network Licensing

    Posted 12-03-2019 07:50
    Hi Martyn

    Technically, this can be done.

    The name of the License Server that MapInfo Pro will use is given in the Registry. All you would have to do is change that name before starting MapInfo Pro. We have examples of how this can be done using a bat file that first changes the name of the license server and then launches MapInfo Pro.

    The context of the bat file could look like this for MapInfo Pro 17.0:
    Set _reg=HKCU\Software\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1700
    Set _server=CT-UK6N562
    REG ADD "%_reg%" /v LicenseServerName /d "%_server%" /f
    "C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\MapInfoPro.exe"

    You install the MapInfo License Server Utility onto two separate serves and activate the licenses on each of these.  if you activate the full amount of licenses on each license server, you basically have access to twice the number of concurrent licenses. That's not possible "out of the box". "Out of the box", you can split your licenses across the two license servers.

    License-wise, it's a discussion you need to have with our/your partner or salesperson from Pitney Bowes. It depends on whether you are a direct customer or have bought MapInfo Pro through a partner of ours. This is not a typical request we get from our customers.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Distinguished Engineer, Technical Ladder
    Pitney Bowes Software & Data

  • 3.  RE: MapInfo Network Licensing

    Posted 12-03-2019 08:33
    Hi Peter

    Thank you very much, that is really helpful. I'll get back in touch with our internal suppliers to find out how the product was purchased. I do appreciate that the request is a little unusual and I was unable to find anything relevant on the PB web site or forums.

    My customer is a major UK Government department and apparently the product is essential for their operation. However, for security reasons, I don't get told why... :)

    Best wishes


    Martyn Kinder
    Knowledge Community Shared Account

  • 4.  RE: MapInfo Network Licensing

    Posted 12-04-2019 05:07
    Could your client move to fixed (node locked) licenses? My understanding is that they don't need a license server connection, removing your point of failure.
    Obviously this is is best suited to applications with a smaller number of high intensity users, rather than a large number of sporadic users.


    Chris Roberts
    NHS England