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odd translucency effect

  • 1.  odd translucency effect

    Posted 09-16-2020 07:17
    Hi, I've got a dataset of occupied properties as points, which when zoomed out gives a good impression of residential areas.
    works very well. But then I decided i needed some translucency. Rather than actually providing translucency however, it seems to have the odd effect of just making the edges completely translucent, which is less than pleasant and not really translucent.

    I suspect it's just an artefact of whatever algorithm it uses, but I'd be interested to hear of anything useful I'm missing! Meanwhile I'll try putting the raster on top of the dot layer.


    Martin Burroughs
    Oldham Council

  • 2.  RE: odd translucency effect

    Posted 09-16-2020 08:27
    Hi Martin

    I must admit that I hadn't tried making a point layer translucent until you asked this question.

    So I tried in the example below using some rather big symbols to get a better view of what is happening.
    The symbols are made translucent. I hope you can see that in the example below.

    But what also seems to happen is that the border of the symbols is rendered as a thin white line.
    That's clearer with my big symbols than with smaller symbols.

    Let me check if this works as expected.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data