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MapInfo Pro - Vision and Roadmap Planning Topics

  • 1.  MapInfo Pro - Vision and Roadmap Planning Topics

    Posted 06-11-2018 22:12
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    It was great spending time with everyone at this event! The most important part for me was the conversations about what's happening and what's important, and I hope that you'll follow up with emails to me directly if you want to share more.

    The attached presentation includes the slides that were shown and some that weren't, including a Drone Imaging add-in that we might offer through a partner (Dronifi). The "ProViewer" demo was live, so it's not in the slides, but the outline of the use case is included.

    This month we are prioritizing the roadmap, and we'll be seeking your input through Li360. Keep checking in for announcements over the next few weeks!


    Jim Stone