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Bridging Physical and Digital Addresses

  • 1.  Bridging Physical and Digital Addresses

    Posted 06-13-2019 14:53
    In May I presented at the National Postal Forum and had the opportunity to discuss bridging physical to digital addresses.  As a consumer, I have very high expectations for how brands communicate with me and I want to make sure that their messages are specifically tailored to my needs and wants.  When should I receive physical mail/packages and which physical address should you use?  I live in a rural area and get my mail delivered to a PO Box, my packages delivered to my physical street address, and some cases I might chose to ship to my work address?  I really don't like to check my mail and much rather prefer notification via email or SMS.

    It's challenging for a brand to understand these customer preferences, but to achieve this goal would require building of a relational data framework (or model) that distinguishes between two categories of data within your business, these are core datasets versus your enrichment datasets. The core data will serve as the foundation to the model, this could be a street address or a customer name. We then associate enriched data to the core information through an ID system. The resulting Framework builds an ecosystem that relates people to their addresses, provides context to their physical locations, resolves consumer identities, and applies Data Science to gain deeper insights.

    Now I have the ingredients to reach out to my Customer Engagement Colleagues to create my digital campaigns (using our great CES software) and create tailored messaging to my various customer segments. 

    Amy Metz, PMP, PMC-III
    Product Manager - Address Data
    Pitney Bowes
    White River Junction, VT