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    Posted 08-09-2019 03:49

    My team works on a lot of different APIs to help you achieve your goals. One of the APIs we work on is the Points of Interest by Area. This API searches for nearest and most relevant matching POIs within an area you specify. It also uses filters like name of POI, type of POI, category codes, sic codes, post code extensions, and more, to narrow down your search.

     Let's see couple of examples to know how this API and the parameters works:

    1. You want users to be able to search for car dealers within a particular area in an app you are building.
      First, you'll start with the country parameter, which is mandatory to make POI search within an area.
      Now, within a country you can search for car dealers either by providing areaName3 parameter value, which is a city or town name, or you can provide postcode1 and postcode2 parameter values, which is a post code and extension of the post code respectively.
      In the type parameter you would enter 'car dealers' to complete the search. You could also use another parameter like name, if you know the name of a specific car dealer.
      The response contains various details about car dealers like name, address, phone number, class and sub class, sales volume, employee count, etc. You can filter the results based on any information you like, for example, you can filter for used car dealers or by sales volume.

    2. You want your application to enable users to search for office furniture.
      As stated above, country parameter is mandatory, so we'll start there.
      Next, let's use some different parameters like categoryCode and sicCode, which can be used to narrow down the POI search and get more refined and accurate results. These codes are provided to you with the APIs. Now, to search for office furniture, you can use the sic code for office furniture, which is 2520. We even have a separate code, 2522 for office furniture with no wood. Similarly, you can use a different category code for office furniture and narrow down your search only for chairs, cabinets and drawers or other kinds of office essentials.

     Similarly, there are many other ways by which you can pass the value in parameters to make search more relevant for you.

     If you're curious about this API, you can try it at

     Stuck? Read the help document at:

     I'd also love to hear your feedback in the community. Feel free to ask a question by replying to this thread if you're having any trouble.

     Taking the first step? Read more about implementation at:

     How would you use this API to enhance your applications? If you're already using it, share with us what it's helping you achieve.

     Thank you.


    Harpreet Singh Seehra
    Pitney Bowes Software India Pvt. Lt
    Noida, India