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"Brindisi Web GIS: truths!"

  • 1.  "Brindisi Web GIS: truths!"

    Posted 06-08-2019 08:38

    I'm sharing this write-up because of the great benefit we've achieved through developing our Brindisi WEBGIS with Spectrum Spatial technology.


    This was the best option we had to bring together many different data sources in a single and incredibly easy to use interface web-mapping and web-mobile application for our citizens, external consultants and internal end users. The Spectrum Spatial Analyst application has completely transformed our operations, and now we have a webGIS system that will support us for years to come.

    I was really impressed with how fast things came together and encourage you to check out our public site www.brindisiwebgis.it.  The information and links below provide some more context for our problem and solution. I'd love to learn more about the problems you are solving with Spectrum Spatial, or if this story motivates you to do more.

    Architetto Teodoro Indini, funzionario Comune di Brindisi.  Architect and project manager of BrindisiWebGIS

    "Brindisi Web GIS: truths!" by Arch. Teodoro Indini

    In the last twenty years the spatial data and the GIS have been a main support for administrative decisions, guaranteeing the transparency and sharing of the work of the "municipal machine" with citizens. Since 1996, the spatial analysis information system (or GIS) of the Commune of Brindisi has been operating on a GIS architecture and over time has mainly dealt with issues relating to urban planning of the territory and to the very important historical-artistic-naturalistic protection for our region.

    In the new Brindisi WEBGIS platform we are asking our Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) solution for many requests and analysis - from the mapping of the restricted sites of environmental protection, to the positioning of polluted sites, to planning areas of influence for our pharmacies/drugstores according to the catchment area, and so much more.

     Thanks to the flexibility of Spectrum Spatial Analyst, this is the first time that we have begun to address different spatial analyzes that directly affect the well-being of citizens, orienting ourselves towards the increasingly numerous elderly population, in particular the spread of the local health service represented by public pharmacies and private first interface of the population.

     For this challenge, thanks to BrindisiWebGIS.it, we are using the information of the updated census of residents divided by "census sections" interfaced with the territorial base of the "city districts."  In this way it was possible to balance existing users and pharmacies by identifying the poorly served areas and proposing the relocation of some of them or even foreseeing the increase in other areas.

     With Spectrum Spatial Analyst we have been able to work and contextually publish the progress of the territorial analyzes, making the choices made shared and transparent.

    There is some additional detail to this story that can be read here

    Teodoro Indini
    Amministrazione Comunale di Brindisi

  • 2.  RE: "Brindisi Web GIS: truths!"

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 06-10-2019 03:54
    Thanks Teodoro. Great article!
    Congrats for your project... and Brindisi is in Italy ! :-)

    Monica Di Martino
    EMEA LI/GIS Presales Engineer
    Pitney Bowes

  • 3.  RE: "Brindisi Web GIS: truths!"

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 06-12-2019 10:16
    This is an absolutely fantastic story!  Thank you very much for sharing it Teodoro.

    Clarence Hempfield
    Knowledge Community Shared Account
    Shelton CT