Spectrum Spatial (SSA/LIM)

How to check the number of cores and pool size of the Spectrum Spatial application.

  • 1.  How to check the number of cores and pool size of the Spectrum Spatial application.

    Posted 08-20-2019 08:46

    The pool size for a remote component is the number of requests the component can handle concurrently. This setting represents the number of threads on the components that are listening for service requests from the Spectrum™ Technology Platform or executing a Spectrum Spatial (Location Intelligence Module) stage (that is, the maximum number of managed connections).

    The pool size is often a representation of the number of cores licenced by the application. To check the pool size for Spectrum Spatial, please follow the instructions below:

    Before you start, you will need Administrator rights to the Spectrum Technology Platform & knowledge of the server architecture. Please note you may require assistance from your IT department.

    1: Open the Spectrum Technology Platform, this is usually connected at:  https://<servername>:8080/dcg/

    2: On the left menu, select "Platform Client Tools" > "Web" > "Open Management Console"

    3: The Management Console will open.

    4: In the Management Console select: "Resources" > "Location Intelligence", this will load the Location Intelligence Pool size page.

    5: This section shows you the pool size of the application. This usually represents the number of cores entitled under your licence agreement, however, this number can also be double the capacity (ie you are entitled to 8 cores but the pool size says 16). If you are unsure that this number represents the number of cores entitled under the licence terms, please check the server that has the platform installed.  

    If you are responding to a recent communication regarding the merge of Spectrum Spatial Analyst and LIM, please take a screen grab of the pool size page and submit it along with the products you use: Location Intelligence (Only), Spectrum Spatial Analyst (Only) or Both, to your account manager or channel partner.

    Andy Dandilly
    Pitney Bowes Software Ltd