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lables not appearing

  • 1.  lables not appearing

    Posted 02-06-2020 05:44

    I am using SSA v18.2.0.1 and cannot get labels to appear in a map project. The labels appear in the preview window in SSA when I click on the "i" button next to the  layer name in manage layers\SSA maps...

    but will not display in the front end...
    They displayed correctly in the previous version of SSA and the underlying data has not changed. Is there a setting in the front end or FP that I need to alter?


    Chris Dickinson
    North Yorkshire County Council

  • 2.  RE: lables not appearing

    Posted 02-24-2020 20:48
    Hi Chris,

    I'm not sure what's causing this, do you see any errors on your browser JavaScript console when you load the map?

    It could possibly be a permission error?

    Duri Bradshaw
    Spatial IT Consultant
    Insight GIS

  • 3.  RE: lables not appearing

    Posted 02-25-2020 09:11
    Hi Duri

    Yes, I do have an error in the console but I don't think it relates to the labels. It relates to the watermark I think

    "genericProxy:1 GET http://**************/connect/analyst/controller/genericProxy?MAP_URL=theme%2Fimages%2Fwatermark%2FPBLogo512256.png&REQUEST_URL=theme%2Fimages%2Fwatermark%2FPBLogo512256.png&mapcfg=default&TYPE=WATERMARK 500 (Internal Server Error)"

    Chris Dickinson
    North Yorkshire County Council

  • 4.  RE: lables not appearing

    Posted 02-25-2020 10:03
    I think this might have to do with the definition of the labels. Since you are still on 2018.2 and you say this worked in the older version, what version was that?
    The way labels are defined has changed over the years and I did notice that there is no label icon on the map you are trying to use. For example, in my system, any labelled items show like this:
    Since I do not see that I am guessing that Analyst does not think there are labels that can be turned off or on.  Maybe you always want them on all the time.
    Making your map, layer and label layer definitions from the Spectrum Spatial repository to support would be helpful. Do you know how to do that?
    The changes in labels are a bit complicated to describe here but one of the big ones is that labels are rendered for the whole map so that they  interact correctly rather than in a tiled manner for the vector or raster layers.  So they have to be segregated out and rendered as one.  I am not sure this is the issue but that is where I am leaning. Supplying those XML definitions to support or here will probably clarify the situation.
    Please feel free to reach out for further explanation.

    Eric Blasenheim
    Spectrum Spatial Technical Product Manager
    Troy, NY

  • 5.  RE: lables not appearing

    Posted 02-25-2020 12:08
    Edited by Susan Bardet 02-25-2020 12:14
    This problem occurs because MapInfo Pro version 15 is used to upload the tab files. This is a known problem whereby labels and label icons do not appear in SSA 2018.2 when the Legacy Uploader is used with MapInfo Pro 15. The labels can be seen in Spatial Manager. To resolve this, please upgrade to MapInfo Pro version 16 and later. You can have more than 1 version of MapInfo Pro on the same machine. So if you are using MapInfo Pro 15 and do not want to remove it then it is not necessary to uninstall this from the machine. Use MapInfo Pro version 16 or later along with the latest Map Uploader to upload the tab files to Spectrum Spatial 2018.2 and 2019.1.
    We are working on this case, and Chris has been informed. I am writing this post as this might benefit another user.

    Susan Bardet
    Software & Data support EMEA

    Pitney Bowes
    Davidson House, Forbury Square
    Reading RG1 3EU
    Berkshire, United Kingdom