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Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

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  • 1.  Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

    Posted 02-25-2019 18:57
    ​In SSA 12.0 an Info Template was supplied called "notSelectable.html" which could be used to stop information being returned for tables intended to be purely visual. Since the introduction of the Template Designer in SSA 12.2 this option seems to no longer be available.
    Has anyone discovered a way to emulate this option in SSA post 12.0?

    David Murphy
    GIS Officer
    Swan Hill Rural City Council
    Swan Hill

  • 2.  RE: Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

    Posted 02-25-2019 19:11
    I would be very interested to know. I would love to have non selectable layers and have asked about it in the past to no avail.

    I would also be keen on query results that DO NOT return every column. As it currently stands I'll have to have two property layers, one for internal use with private information and one public layer with no information. Same for our assets records, there's information in there the general public doesn't need, but it would be useful for them to know where a footpath or sewer line is.

    Rebecca Marks
    GIS & Environment Officer
    Greater Hume Council
    NSW Australia

  • 3.  RE: Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

    Posted 02-25-2019 22:53
    Isn't this functionality in the latest version of SSA?  I haven't checked, and can't see it mentioned specifically in the release notes, but am hoping that's the case.

    See here: https://community.pitneybowes.com/communities/community-home-dev-copy/digestviewer/viewthread?MessageKey=1eea07cb-ada5-45ad-85fc-34e6476a49cf&CommunityKey=733ec9ea-dfe1-4a55-ab29-11f0f86019a6&tab=digestviewer#bm1eea07cb-ada5-45ad-85fc-34e6476a49cf

    James Nolet
    Dooley Mitchell & Morrison Pty Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template
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    Posted 02-26-2019 15:32

    Hoping this can help, in SSA v2018.2.S01 >Project Settings>Business maps is possible to flag the Enable/Disable Map Information for Map Layers. Look at column behind the Friendly name in the screenshot here below


    Monica Di Martino
    Knowledge Community Shared Account

  • 5.  RE: Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

    Posted 03-11-2019 19:17
    ​Thank you for your reply, Monica.
    I shall keep it in mind when we decide to apply SSA 2018.2 and patches.
    I am following the SSA 2018.2 thread created by Stuart Carter and have decided to hold off on the update at present.
    All our Spectrum services are running well; "if it ain't broke, etc".

    David Murphy
    GIS Officer
    Swan Hill Rural City Council
    Swan Hill

  • 6.  RE: Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

    Posted 03-12-2019 09:27

    That's understandable,  David.


    This is my personal opinion and PB may take a different view, but so much in 2018.2 did not work for us; it was effectively unusable for users. SSA 2018.2 needs patches to overcome the immediate problems.


    We went to SSA 2018.2 but after five working days of non SSA service we had to roll back to 12.2.2. It was a painful experience.


    Moreover, I strongly disagree with the way in which essential day to day elements of admin have been taken out of Admin Console and placed into the SSA front end (under admin log in). In 2018.2 administration is carried out across two separate interfaces, not in the one Admin Console as it always has been.


    I'm going to wait and see if the SSA front end and administration issues are resolved in the October/November 2019 SSA release before moving on.



    Yes, 12.2.2 has it's problems but they can be worked around. SSA 2018.2 was unusable for us.


    But of course, other sites may form a different opinion.



    Stuart Carter

    Corporate GIS Manager


    Southwark Council

    2nd floor, zone B

    160 Tooley Street

    London, SE1 2QH

    Tel: (0207 52) 55409








  • 7.  RE: Emulate "notSelectable.html" Info Template

    Posted 03-13-2019 19:38
    Hi Stuart,

    We read your post above with interest. Are you able to dot point the issues with V12.2.2 and any work around's that you have found?

    After having 3x attempts of upgrading to various iterations of V12.2 some months ago and rolling back after all attempts we decided to remain on V12.1 as all is stable and works very well, we have decided to review version upgrades at the end of 2019.

    HOWEVER,​ deviating here... Australia has now had a new Datum introduced called GDA2020 http://www.icsm.gov.au/what-we-do/geocentric-datum-Australia
    We have spent considerable resources in re-projecting data and setting up systems to move to this datum, however have just learnt that we will need to upgrade from V12.1 to V12.2 of SSA as 12.1 does not support this datum. We are once again nervous and I guess will need to set up a full test environment to do this and hope that with the likes of your and others advise work through issues that come to hand in running V12.2.

    We would appreciate any advise on your current V12.2.2 setup and hints on how to tackle any known issue that you guys have experienced. The more heads-up we have with the known issues the better as so we can make this upgrade as painless as possible..

    Tony Jordan
    GIS Coordinator
    D 08 8391 7265 |T 08 8391 7200| F 08 8391 7299

    Mount Barker District Council

    Building 3, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker South Australia 5251
    (PO Box 54, Mount Barker South Australia 5251)
    E tjordan@mountbarker.sa.gov.au   |  W www.mountbarker.sa.gov.au

    Tony Jordan
    GIS Coordinator
    District Council of Mount Barker
    Mount Barker