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A BAD Solution for Smart Cities: Built Around Data

  • 1.  A BAD Solution for Smart Cities: Built Around Data

    Posted 04-26-2019 14:57
    Pitney Bowes published a white paper recently on "Smart Cities: A Roadmap for the Future." In this paper we make a bold statement:
    The next generation of smart cities will be built around data ... BAD.

    What do we mean. It starts on two fronts:
    1. managing the asset infrastructure ... the built environment.
    2. everything is addressable - people, places and things have a location; some fixed and some mobile.
    We state that "smart cities infrastructure must combine data from a range of city systems such as historical records and financial systems, as well as external sources such as real-time weather data." It will capture data from road and traffic sensors, bio-sensors and smart meters.  There will be data captured by the public like the location of pot holes. All must be properly managed and provided to public works departments and policy-makers. Its this more mundane challenge of maintenance and compliance that is essential to developing a foundation on which to build a smarter city.

    But there is also data necessary for tax collection, waste removal, voter registration, and health and human services, as example. These data start with an address. Address data might come from a variety of data stores in which there will be misspellings, improperly formatted addresses, and missing data altogether. Address cleansing and validation is essential before geocoding address data to understand context.

    If cities look as these two aspects and consider how tied each element to to location-based data, then they will be well down the road to "build around data" and becoming more location intelligent.

    Joe Francica
    Knowledge Community Shared Account
    Shelton CT