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  • 1.  5G?

    Posted 04-29-2019 17:43
    The wisdom of the masses suggests that the next generation of wireless telecommunications, 5G, will enable mobile interactions 100x faster than today's relatively fast 4G LTE network. Downloading movies (yes! ) and highly targeted advertising (NO!!!) will be vastly quicker. According to one market research company, "The increased usage of location services, wide availability of accurate GPS-tags from mobile devices, and proliferation of ad exchanges, enables advertisers to offer more relevant, timely content for consumers."

    So, that's probably good and bad. Consumers prefer contextual advertising that delivers both hyper-local, and more relevant advertising while they are flipping through Facebook, Pinterest or other mobile app. Other non-location aware 5G applications are expected to offer retailers the ability to offer augmented reality dressing rooms, better mobile payment experiences, and in-store robotic applications.

    What's your take? Are you looking forward to 5G?

    Check out this video by Nokia.

    Joe Francica