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Recognition of LI's Advantages is Growing

  • 1.  Recognition of LI's Advantages is Growing

    Posted 04-25-2019 09:54
    More recently, I am finding articles that talk about the importance of location intelligence, usually from publications for CIOs or CFOs, and sometimes from industries that I consider "challenged" by geography. I find this both amusing and disheartening. Amusing because these industries think LI is the new, shiny tech toy they believe provides a competitive advantage. Disheartening because these organizations are way behind the curve if they think they are the first ones to discover LI's advantages. This article from CIOReview is an example of how LI is presented to a new audience, and often is so high level that its hard to know whether it will be useful to readers. However, I admire their attempt at what they believe is newsworthy!

    Joe Francica
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    Shelton CT