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    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 11 days ago
    As you will have seen, from the beginning of last week, until further notice, we will not be visiting our customers on-site. So, we had to think creatively! There were three days training booked for Kingston upon Hull City Council at the end of last week, and so we proposed online training.

    We have done live online sessions before, with Hull and with other Confirm Training OnDemand customers, so we set about building a program of live online sessions, self-learning from videos and notes, and exercises - both supervised and unsupervised, for Hull.

    It worked well, and at the end of each course attendees were asked two questions: "Tell me one thing that you preferred about remote training" and "Tell me one thing that you like better about classroom training". All the attendees were positive about remote training, and one attendee even said they preferred online learning to classroom training!

    So, I think we can call that a thumbs-up for online training! We appreciate that these are difficult times but for some of you, this may be a good time to get staff involved in training and enhance their skillset. Learners can attend from home as well as from the office – all they need is a PC, access to the internet and to Confirm.

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