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User Activity Reporting | User Log Table

  • 1.  User Activity Reporting | User Log Table

    Posted 11-21-2019 18:17
    Hi All,

    I am currently looking at building some user activity reporting, and was wondering if anyone else have developed up any user reports and what type.

    I can work out activity via the Entity History, but from general login stats I am having a few issues with the User Log table.
    Does anyone have a Layout Description for the User Log Table? specifically what the user_log_flag and source_flag codes relate too? I believe the 'C' under the source_flag is Connect but would be good to get confirmation.

    Also when reviewing the user_log table it seems to be generating a large number of records each time a user logs in. I believe most of the additional log entries are due to Connect and multiple calls back to the host, but if anyone has some general information on how the logs are generated I would appreciate it - as it would be great to be able to identify the initial login point - it will be hard to identify login duration due to the session not closing if the user does not log out properly, but capturing each new login by source would be a good start.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance, suggestions.

    Andrew Marks
    Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

  • 2.  RE: User Activity Reporting | User Log Table

    Posted 11-27-2019 04:01
    Hi Andrew,

    We hope to include the information about the values of the User Status Flag and the Source Flag in the Help in the V20.1 release of Confirm.

    The user_status_flag is as follows:
    • N - Logout OK
    • I - Logged in
    • P - Invalid Pwd
    • M - Max User limit
    • U - Invalid User
    • D - User Access Denied
    • E - Session Expired
    The source_flag is as follows:
    • A - SAM
    • C - Connector
    • Z - ConfirmWorkzone
    • blank - Client

    Please raise a Support Call so that we can investigate the multiple User Log entries that you are encountering whenever a User logs into the desktop client and/or the web client.


    Elizabeth McKenzie
    Pitney Bowes
    Principle Software Engineer