Traffic Sensitivity on Confirm Connect Jobs

  • 1.  Traffic Sensitivity on Confirm Connect Jobs

    Posted 06-17-2019 05:14

    I have recently posted an idea on the Hub and would be pleased if people would vote on it!

    The idea can be found at:

    We would like the traffic sensitivity information stored against a street to be visible on Confirm Connect particularly for use with Jobs for gangs. 

    Ideally it would be good if the job were unable to be 'started' on the device until the appropriate traffic sensitivity period allows.  Yes, this could be ignored but it would serve as a prompt to the gang that they should not be starting work until the correct time. 

    Alternatively something visual to prompt the gang that the job is on a traffic sensitive street with the non-working times would help.

    This will help us implement our risk assessments and help our gangs to work safely.

    ​​​​​​​Many thanks - Nicki

    Nicki Cozens
    Highways Support Development Manager
    Environment & Transport
    Leicestershire County Council