The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Confirm v20.0

  • 1.  The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Confirm v20.0

    Posted 02-11-2020 05:23
    Edited by Emma Forrest 02-11-2020 05:24

    Confirm v20.0 is now available - and with it comes a whole host of new functionality to help our customers simplify their work and stay efficient!

    The full list of new features can be viewed here, but below we highlight just five ways that Confirm v20.0 is already making our customer's lives that little bit easier:

    1) We've added map search…
    These days we're all used to searching directly within maps. Now, within the Confirm web interface, you can use spatial and text searching across enquiries, jobs, assets and defects. By using the search function, you can simply navigate to an area you are interested in and click to display any entities within that location. You can filter entities by subsets (e.g. assets by asset ID) and even select any of the items on the map to view further details.

    2) You can update or add Job SOR Items within the Confirm web interface

    A further enhancement is the ability to add and edit Job Items on uncommitted jobs, when using the Confirm web interface. This expands the Confirm web functionality and further reduces the need to use the desktop user interface.

    3) We've improved browser navigation…
    To add clarity to the Confirm web interface we've updated the tab titles so that they now show the Job, Defect, or Enquiry ID numbers - making it easier for you to navigate between pages

    4) There are new options for viewing Jobs from the Job screen...
    When using the Job screen, a new "open with" button is now available. This offers the choice of viewing the job within ConfirmWorkzone or via your choice of web map application, such as Google Street View.

    5) You can directly link enquiries to an existing Job…
    Enquiries can now be linked directly to an existing Job via the map within the Customer Services screen – saving you considerable time when linking multiple enquiries.

    Would you like to learn more?

    To see all of the above in action and to find out about more of our favourite updates, watch this short video or join us for our live webinar at 2pm on Thursday 5th March where you can get all of your questions on Confirm v20.0 answered by our experts.

    Register here for our live webinar

    Are you already making the most of the new functionality in Confirm v20.0? We'd love to hear which of our new features have been helping you so far!

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