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    Community Manager
    Posted 11-08-2018 15:36
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    Thank you for joining us here in the new Knowledge Communities - this site is currently in Beta, which means we want to hear your feedback if something isn't working, and you may see some things change as you use the site.


    There are some smaller issues on the site that we are aware of already behind the scenes. If you notice these issues, there is no need to notify moderators or admins since we are currently working on the fixes already:


    • Broken image links
      • During our migration from Li360 to the Knowledge Communities, inline images didn't quite make the journey properly. We are aware of the issue and will be fixing it in a future data transfer. New posts should have no issue with inline images, but older posts will have broken links until this is fixed.
    • Profile pictures are missing
      • We were not able to import people's profile pictures from our previous community site. If you are a previous member, you will need to re-upload your profile picture. New members are encouraged to upload one as well. To make things even easier, there is a link in your profile to connect your account with LinkedIn (one time) to bring in your bio.
    • Li360 related concerns
      • If you are coming from Li360, please see this post addressing most of the Li360 questions you may have.


    We will update this list with any known issues going forward, so please check back regularly.


    In the meantime, please reply to this post or contact the moderators if you run into trouble using the site. Thank you for helping us build a great community, and for your patience as we iron out the wrinkles in our new home.

    Sydney Lawton
    Community Manager