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  • 1.  August Community Update

    Community Manager
    Posted 08-15-2019 13:38

    Greetings all,

    I wanted to share with you some of the updates that have been happening behind the scenes here at the Knowledge Communities.

    First, I recently launched the FAQ community. This community will cover the basics of the Knowledge Communities site functionality. Members can post questions in this community, so if there is something about the site itself you aren't sure about, ask there and I or the moderators will help you out.

    Next, there are several upgrades to community functionality that have come through, including tagging posts, and marking a reply to your post as a Best Answer. Check out the FAQ posts on these subjects for more information.

    Finally, I want to encourage everyone to head over to the All Communities list and click the "join" button for any communities that you may be interested in. You can then participate in conversations if you want to contribute, or you can follow posts that you find inspiring. You may have signed up for the Knowledge Communities, but you're not getting the full value out of it unless you join some of the individual communities on the site. Many product communities post about new updates or features before you would hear it anywhere else, so don't miss your opportunity to get ahead and be in the Know.

    Thanks for reading, and see you in the communities!

    Sydney Lawton
    Community Manager