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Put message on MI Pro 17 Welcome screen

  • 1.  Put message on MI Pro 17 Welcome screen

    Posted 11-07-2018 14:33

    Hi Everyone,


    Does anyone know if it is possible for a MapBasic program to write a message somewhere on the welcome screen? I can use a note statement but that stops MI pro and sometimes it goes behand the welcome screen so MI Pro appears to hang.​


    If anyone has any ideas then that would be great.




  • 2.  RE: Put message on MI Pro 17 Welcome screen

    Posted 11-08-2018 05:33

    Hi Martin

    we have see requests like this before: To be able to publish some information on the Welcome screen for your users.

    It's not supported yet but still something we'd like to support. I'm not sure a MapBasic application would be the best approach as the Welcome Screen appear before any applications are loaded.

    Maybe this can be the start of an discussion of what people would like to be able to do with the Welcome Screen.

    Share your ideas and thought, thanks!

  • 3.  RE: Put message on MI Pro 17 Welcome screen

    Posted 11-12-2018 07:58


    If your using Peters Ribbonlib code then you can call a popup note that displays for a short time, sometimes it doesn't always appear until a process is finished but we use it quite a lot now to save having notes.



    Sub BCPopupNote(byval stitle as string, byval sMsg as string, byval sNoteType as string, byval iDisplay as integer) 'sNoteType: "","ERROR","WARNING","INFO","CUSTOM"

    dim iNotify_Info as integer

     if iDisplay = 0 then

      iDisplay = 1000

     End If

     do case sNoteType

     Case "ERROR","E"

      iNotify_Info = 1

     Case "WARNING","W"

      iNotify_Info = 2

     Case "INFO","I"

      iNotify_Info = 3

     Case "CUSTOM","C"

      iNotify_Info = 4

     case Else

      iNotify_Info =0

     End Case

     Call RBNNotificationShowAtCursor (stitle, sMsg, iNotify_Info, iDisplay) '#RBNNotificationShow

    End Sub



  • 4.  RE: Put message on MI Pro 17 Welcome screen

    Posted 11-13-2018 17:16

    Hi David,

    Thanks for that​ idea. We use the notification already but as you suggest it doesn't show over welcome screen. Maybe Peter can suggest something to the developers to allow us to do it. We decide to go a print to the message window as that will be there once the welcome screen is dismissed - However if other preloaded applications clear the message window or print there own then the our message may not be seen in v17.