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Thematic map marker order

  • 1.  Thematic map marker order

    Posted 11-26-2019 19:56
    Is there a way of ordering the markers of a thematic map so that the larger markers are in back of the smaller ones. I tried manually moving them to the correct order (first image) but when I  save the table, it goes back to the default order (incorrect map - 2nd image).
    Many thanks,

    Jeffrey Lopez
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  • 2.  RE: Thematic map marker order

    Posted 11-27-2019 19:26
    Try running a query on your data, and order by the Size column from largest to smallest. e.g. Select * From range_data Order By Size Desc

    Then, map this query result and create the thematic on it.

    From memory, the spatial indexing inside MapInfo files means the draw order can't be controlled. However, this doesn't apply to query results, so if you order from largest to smallest then the bigger ones will be drawn first.

    Timothy Mashford
    Melbourne, Australia