EngageOne Compose: Important Notice

  • 1.  EngageOne Compose: Important Notice

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 04-12-2019 10:57
    Edited by Catherine Le Roux 04-15-2019 10:18
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    ​This is to notify you of an important product issue which we have uncovered with the following releases of EngageOne Server:
    • EngageOne Server v4.4
    • EngageOne Server v4.4 SP1
    • EngageOne Server v4.4 SP2
    • EngageOne Server v4.4 SP3
    • EngageOne Server v4.4 SP4
    • EngageOne Server v4.4 SP5
    • EngageOne Server v4.4 SP6
    If you are not using one of these versions, you can disregard this important notice.

    Issue:  The issue occurs when purge process is executed causing the attachments database identifiers to be incorrectly inserted to the temporary table containing the identifiers of system resources which are about to be purged.

    Resolution:  We strongly recommend that you execute the following script if you are using the impacted versions to resolve this important product issue:
    • Microsoft SQL Database Users: Run 'usp_s_purge_domain_workitems_MS_SQL.sql' OR
    • Oracle Database Users: Run 'usp_s_purge_domain_workitems_Oracle.sql' OR
    • Upgrade to EngageOne Server v4.4 SP7 or above where the issue has been permanently resolved

    The script has been attached, however please reach out to your local Technical Support team (support team) if you require assistance.
    Note that the ReadMe file which comes with the script contains additional details regarding this issue. Please review carefully.


    Catherine Le Roux
    Senior Engineering Manager
    EngageOne Compose
    Pitney Bowes Ltd