EngageOne® Designer/Generate v6.6 SP9 Release Update [ ] now available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Designer/Generate v6.6 SP9 Release Update [ ] now available

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 09-16-2019 05:58
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    Updated EngageOne® Designer, EngageOne® Generate and EngageOne® Interactive Editor v6.6 SP9 versions are now available

    The latest cumulative release update versions [] are now available to download from our e-Store.

    First time download ?
    - Please contact your regional technical support team for download details.

    Downloaded previously ?
    If you have downloaded a previous 6.6 Service Pack 9 release, the links for each product download are unchanged.
    The existing Service Pack 9 links can be used to download the newest release version.

    The list of all 6.6.x fixes to date,  including those new in this release, can be viewed  in the  "Software changes in this release" PDF file attached to this release announcement.

    New in this Release Update

    EngageOne® Designer / Generate - Plug in Chart (Chart Director) -  Data Label Alignment option (French Canada)
    EngageOne Designer and Generate for the French Canada localized version, have been updated to support the Designer Plug in Chart (Chart Director) Data label "Alignment" option.
    This feature was released for all other supported localized versions in the previous release.

    EngageOne® Designer - Publish for EngageOne Server - Added Metadata for Data Format Start of Publication
    Designer "Publish for EngageOne" has been updated to add the Data Format Start of Publication(s) to the "template_master.xml" Metadata.
    This information will be used in a future release of EngageOne Server to differentiate between different datasets.

    EngageOne® Designer - Merge operation update for Deleted Folders
    Designer has been updated to support Merging a Project where there are source project deleted folders with the same path / name as non deleted target project folders.

    EngageOne® Generate - Rotated Images for 64 bit Windows Generate update
    Windows Generate (64 Bit) has been updated to produce Rotated images correctly.

    EngageOne® Generate on Z/OS  - EBCDIC / Host Default PostScript Line Drawing Barcode update
    Z/OS Generate has been updated to produce  PostScript Line Drawing barcode output where the Designer PostScript output device has been published to "Host Default" or any explicit EBCDIC Codepage.

    EngageOne® Generate - All Hosts - External Keyed image JPG image PDF update
    Generate on all hosts has been updated to correctly render External Keyed 32 Bit CMYK JPG images in PDF output.

    EngageOne® Key Map Generator - Support for Comma decimal character in Width and Height overrides
    Key Map Generator has been updated to support the comma character used as the Decimal separator for the Width and Height overrides.
    This update applies to all Localized versions and to the English version used on Windows O/S languages which use the comma as a decimal separator.

    Download failure ?

    In case of download failures , please e-mail a report of the issue to PB Fulfillment here -> :  Fulfillment team


    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom