EngageOne® Designer/Generate v6.6 SP9 Release Update [ ] now available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Designer/Generate v6.6 SP9 Release Update [ ] now available

    Posted 06-03-2019 06:32
    Edited by Catherine Le Roux 06-03-2019 06:39

    The updated versions [ ] are available to download from our e-Store. Please contact your regional technical support team for download details. The updated versions contain a number of product fixes and improvements listed below:

    EngageOne Interactive Editor – Template loading performance improvements

    • EngageOne Interactive Editor (ActiveX + Cross browser desktop app) has been updated to improve template loading where the template contains many Internal Keyed Image references .
    • Editor Template loading performance has also been improved when loading Publishable Active content and when writing to the Editor local event.log file

    EngageOne Designer – Data Format creation update

    • EngageOne Designer Data Format creation has been updated to address a deadlock which could occur when creating a Data Format from Imported Sample data which could prevent the usage of the Data Format

    EngageOne Designer – Design Editor support for Custom Currency Format definition and retention

    • EngageOne Design Editor has been updated to allow the Format dialog as used in Data Alias / Variable overrides to Define and retain Custom Currency formats for Positive and Negative

    EngageOne Designer – Design Editor Find dialog update for Full object names

    • EngageOne Design Editor Logic map "Find" dialog has been updated to allow both the finding of the Full Logic map name and subsequent result reporting of the Full name

    EngageOne Generate –Support for Column Spanning Overflow Footer usage where Tables are used

    • EngageOne Generate has been updated to support output of Designer defined Column Spanning Overflow Footer in a Design which uses overflowing Tables.

    EngageOne® Designer, Generate and Interactive Editor users are recommended to upgrade to this latest version.

    Before you install Designer/Generate or update your existing installation(s), please review:

    • The Minimum Hardware and Software requirements in the Designer Installation Guide and Generate release notes
    • The important cumulative 6.6.x release fixes listed in "Software Changes in this Release" document that accompanies this release
    • The "Advance retirement notices" section in Designer release notes for the retirement dates for older versions of Designer/Generate , SQL, OS and Output devices

    If you experience any difficulty downloading from e-Store, please send an e-mail to:  Fulfillment team

    Catherine Le Roux
    Senior Engineering Manager
    EngageOne Compose
    Pitney Bowes Ltd