EngageOne® Designer/Generate v6.6 SP8 Update [ ] now available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Designer/Generate v6.6 SP8 Update [ ] now available

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 04-04-2019 11:10
    Updated EngageOne® Designer, EngageOne® Generate and EngageOne® Interactive Editor v6.6 SP8 versions are now available.

    The updated versions [ ] are available to download from our e-Store.

    The updated versions contain a number of product fixes and improvements listed below.

    EngageOne® Designer , Generate and Interactive Editor users are recommended to upgrade to this latest version.

    Before you install Designer/Generate or update your existing installation(s), please review:

    • The Minimum Hardware and Software requirements in the Designer Installation Guide and Generate release notes
    • The important cumulative 6.6.x release fixes listed in "Software Changes in this Release" document that accompanies this release
    • The "Advance retirement notices" section in Designer release notes for the retirement dates for older versions of Designer/Generate , SQL, OS and Output devices
    Please contact your regional technical support team for download details.

    New in this Release Update

    EngageOne Generate - Right aligned tab positioning update 
    Generate output for Right aligned tabs which are at a flow area boundary , such as text / message box has been updated to wrap correctly.

    EngageOne Designer-  Repository Configuration Tool - Backup - Active Client Session / Logout support
    Designer Repository Configuration Tool Backup function has been updated to add support for a Warning Dialog showing all active Designer Client sessions and to logout all active sessions before Backup.

    EngageOne Designer- Background pagination update
    Designer pagination of Page setup Background text / and matching Document Reserved area entries has been updated to avoid unexpected application terminations.

    EngageOne Interactive Editor - Support for CTRL + Backspace in Editable text
    Interactive Editor has been updated to add support for Keyboard sequence CTRL+Backspace within Editable text to delete individual words to the left of the insertion cursor.

    EngageOne Interactive Editor - Support for System  Variable "Page X of Y"
    Interactive Editor has been updated to add support for Design System Variable "Page X of Y" to display resolved Page Number and Page Count values.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom