Data augmentation for Customer Communications

  • 1.  Data augmentation for Customer Communications

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 06-13-2019 14:45
    Over the past few days the CES and Data product management teams have been talking about how the two LOBs could work together.

    If you've not seen before, the bredth and depth of available data (in the form of datasets) in our data marketplace is amazing, a couple of discussions/examples that have come up over the last few days that stand out to me are:

    • Customer data enrichment - with a small nugget of information (like an email address or name or address, etc) some absolutely amazing extra information can be provided with the dataset, for instance demographic information mainly the same sort of information you can find on a census... but collated / provided for you.  If you take that data and use that to enrich some of the communications we build (like a video) you can quickly make them more personal and targeted -> normally that means more engagement with the target personas that we're communicating with.
    • Data cleansing services - in this case I could add a large dataset which includes email addresses and the data services can tell me if there are any incorrect records in the data... then suggest the correct replacements (or, if you feel brave, have it automatically update).  The cost to business of not having the correct digital data is huge - this service definitely mitigates some of those issues (it's worth noting that it can be any number of data elements that can be cleansed i.e. phone numbers, names, emails, etc).

    I'm excited to see what comes from our cross LOB conversations over the next few months as we bring some of the capabilities from the data teams into our CES tools.

    Paul Hutson
    Pitney Bowes Inc