EngageOne® Designer tips when delivering PDF to Mobile / Web PDF Readers

  • 1.  EngageOne® Designer tips when delivering PDF to Mobile / Web PDF Readers

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 08-06-2019 14:07
    Will your EngageOne® Designer / Generate PDF communication be delivered and read by your customer on Mobile / Tablet / Web PDF Reader ?
    If so , follow these useful steps to ensure your PDF can be read successfully on any device.

    Upgrade your Designer / Generate to the latest version
    Many earlier versions of Designer and Generate 5.x and 6.x do not support the PDF attributes needed for rendering PDF successfully on Mobile and other web devices.

    Make sure that you are on a recent Designer / Generate version (6.6.8 or later) to take advantage of the full set of supported features and languages for PDF output.

    Will your Design font be available on all customer device PDF Readers ?
    If your Design font is a "Web safe font" i.e commonly available on all devices , such as for example :

    - Arial
    - Times New Roman
    - Courier New
    - Verdana
    - Georgia
    - Palatino Linotype

    .. then you can safely choose NOT to embed the Font in the PDF and be sure that the device will have the correct font needed in order to correctly render your application's characters.
    Use any Search engine for details on "Web safe fonts" and other common web safe fonts.

    Use Designer PDF Device option

    Font / Do not embed

    .. to achieve this.

    Why would I NOT embed Design fonts ?
    It all comes down to size ..

    By NOT embedding the Design font , you make a large saving in the size and time taken for  :
    - Designer Publish
    - Generate execution
    - PDF filesize and consequently reduced time to open the PDF

    I want to use a "Windows only" Design font , can I do this and still deliver to mobile / web devices ?
    Yes ,  for Windows only fonts such as "Calibri" , just make sure that the Designer PDF Device option :

    Font / Subsetting

    .. is enabled .

    This is the preferred option if you want to use the large range of Design fonts that Windows Operating Systems provide , but are not covered by Web safe fonts.

    The option will reduce the embedded characters in your PDF output to the minimum , being only those used in your application .

    What happens if I use a Windows only Design font and don't Embed / Subset ?
    You will be at the mercy of the specific device PDF Reader's Emergency font substitution , which can often result in a wholly or partially distorted font compared to your Design.

    For Windows only fonts, make sure you use

    Font / Subsetting

    .. to avoid this.

    Are there any Design Languages / PDF Standards where I HAVE to Embed / Subset fonts for PDF Output ?
     PDF requires an extended Character Map (CMap) or Identity-H encoding for the following Design languages :

    - Arabic
    - Thai
    - Unicode
    - Japanese
    - Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
    - Korean
    - Hebrew

    PDF / Archive (PDF/A) also requires the fonts to be embedded

    These languages and / or PDF/A therefore require a minimum of PDF Device option

    Font / Subsetting

    By considering ;
    - Am I on a current 6.6.x Designer / Generate version?
    - Is my font "Web safe" ?
    - What is my Design Language ?
    - Am I required to adhere to a PDF/A standard ?

    .. you will be able to decide whether to reduce size / increase performance by Not embedding fonts and still ensure your PDF will be quickly  readable on any device.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom