Upgrading from DOC1 Series 5 Designer to EngageOne® 6.x Designer? An error free optimized upgrade and how to solve upgrade errors

  • 1.  Upgrading from DOC1 Series 5 Designer to EngageOne® 6.x Designer? An error free optimized upgrade and how to solve upgrade errors

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 07-26-2019 09:07

    Check that all Designer users are logged off before Repository Backup

    Before taking your DOC1 Designer 5.x Repository Backup, please ensure that all Designer Client users have saved and closed their Editor Sessions and are completely logged out.

    Before Upgrading , install and run the Series 5 DOC1 Designer Integrity Tool operations

    A separate DOC1 Series 5 Database Integrity Tool is available to download from your local regional support group.

    With all users logged off and a good backup taken, this Tool can scan and fix a number of underlying issues as well as removing deleted content from DOC1 Series 5 Databases prior to upgrade.

    The "Full Purge" operation in particular is recommended if you have lots of deleted / recycle bin Designer items, which can result in a large reduction of data prior to upgrade.

    Please review the "Repository Integrity Check.pdf" guide supplied with the download for details and ideas of purge and other clean-up operations that may be suitable for your Series 5 Designer Database.

    Note – Please ensure that you take a new "all users logged off" backup after executing the Integrity Tool operations and retain the Pre – Integrity Tool Backup until you have upgraded successfully.


    What happens if I backup with users still logged on and active editor sessions?

    The Repository filestore backup will end up with "0" byte files due to a mismatch between the content of the Design files being currently edited and the Repository filestore.

    Why does this matter ?

    The resulting "0" byte files  :

    • Will cause the upgrade from Designer 5.x to 6.x versions to fail
    • The Repository filestore will contain invalid content for the Publications, Documents, Active Contents, etc that were being edited at the time of the Backup.
    • These resources will not be usable when the Backup is restored.


    My upgrade has failed and I've found 0 byte filestore files, what should I do ?

    1. Cross check the list of 0 byte filestore files against your Designer Client(s)  "localcache" directory. The location of this directory is available in "Tools \ Designer Preferences". This Client directory should contain the files that were being edited at time of the backup.
    2. Copy the relevant files from the Designer Client localcache directory to the Filestore ZIP
    3. Perform the Upgrade again from the start.
      B – Do NOT attempt to "resume" the upgrade from the point of failure. Because of the intermediate state of the failed upgrade, you must start from the beginning.

    If you don't have the 0 byte files , please contact your regional support office for assistance.


    Optimizing Designer Database post upgrade

    Having upgraded successfully, check your Publication's History.

    If you had many Series 5 "Issued versions" you will likely find many "Unusable History" labels post upgrade.

    To remove these inaccessible previous revisions:

    1. Branch the Project / Production Job as relevant to a New Project.
    2. Once you are happy that the new project contains all relevant objects and is fully usable , delete the upgraded "Master" project to remove the obsolete content
    3. Logout from all Designer clients which will then trigger the SQL Database Designer object deletion

    When you login to Designer Client again you should notice a significant database size reduction and consequent performance improvement.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom