EngageOne® Compose v4.4 SP8 is now available!

  • 1.  EngageOne® Compose v4.4 SP8 is now available!

    Posted 02-26-2019 13:41
    Edited by Catherine Le Roux 03-12-2019 07:45

    We recently released EngageOne® Compose v4.4 SP8. By now you should have received a notice about its availability. If you missed it, here are the highlights:

    • New EngageOne Compose Interactive Editor delivering rich editing and WYSIWIG experience on Internet browsers other than Internet Explorer - Chrome, Firefox and Edge to create Interactive communications. This is in addition to our ActiveX editor and form fill capabilities.
    • Continued improvements in our Asset Promotion and Design Review and approval features.
    • Implementation of client driven enhancements:
      • Ability to switch CMap font encoding on or off when generating HIP files within EngageOne Designer
      • Ability to print the preview page when using EngageOne Preview option in Designer
      • Ability to export images from EngageOne Designer
    • There are also a large number of other updates and bug fixes which are described in the Release Notes. You can find these on our EngageOne Compose Documentation Support site.

    If you haven't received the notification, please contact your regional technical support team.


    Catherine Le Roux
    Senior Engineering Manager
    EngageOne Compose
    Pitney Bowes Ltd