​How to /find out where your Data Fields are being used in Designer…

  • 1.  ​How to /find out where your Data Fields are being used in Designer…

    Posted 06-04-2019 11:52
    With EngageOne® Designer v6.6 SP9, you can now search for Data Fields and Data Aliases and find out where they are being used! This capability has been added to the Advanced Search feature that was first introduced in Designer v6.6 SP4.

    Once Designer V6.6 SP9 and Advanced Search have been installed and the repository data has been indexed, open up an Advanced Search window in Designer (Ctrl+F3) and enter the query,
    /find any using datafield
    to get a list of all assets that use data fields. These assets could be publications, (public) documents, active contents and data aliases.

    I want to find data fields that are used in publications, documents and active content only…
    Add filters to the query to restrict the asset types that are retrieved, as in,
    /find pub or doc or ac using datafield

    Can I search for assets using a specific data field?
    Yes, you can specify filters for the data field too! For example, 
    /find pub or doc or ac using datafield name 'total'
    will find publications, documents and active contents that use data fields with "total" in their name. Data fields can be filtered on other properties as well, such as datapath (the location of the data field in the data hierarchy in the data format) and datatype (the type of the data field, e.g. "string").

    What about data aliases?
    If you want to look for data aliases instead then simply replace datafield with dataalias as the asset type in the query. You can also use the shortened form, field and alias.

    Actually, I wanted to find out what data fields are in use…
    The query,
    /find datafield usedby any
    will find the data fields that are referenced by any asset. If you're just interested in publications, documents and active contents usages in a particular project, the query,
    /find datafield path is 'Master/*' usedby (pub or doc or ac) and path is 'Master/*'
    will restrict the search to those particular assets in the Master project.

    How about finding data fields that are not being used?
    Just add not! For example,
    /find datafield path is 'Master/*' not usedby any path is 'Master/*'

    Why does the Advanced Search window only shows one screen of results?
    Designer loads one page of search results at a time to avoid overloading the search engine. Scroll down the results list using the mouse wheel or press the PageDown key to load more results.

    How can I speed up my USING/USEDBY query?
    Include filters to narrow down the search. The query, 
    /find any using datafield
    will scan through all assets to find the ones that use a data field. If you're only interested in the "Master" project, a faster query would be, 
    /find any path is 'Master/*' using datafield path is 'Master/*'
    which will only scan through assets in the "Master" project and find the ones using data fields also from the "Master" project.

    Can I write USING and USEDBY query with other asset types?
    Yes, all Advanced Search asset types are supported by the USING and USEDBY clauses – for example,
    /find pub using ac name 'footer'
    will find publications referencing active contents with "footer" in their name.

    I hope this has given you a taste of what the Advanced Search feature can do in Designer v6.6 SP9. The Designer User Guide (available on the EngageOne® Designer Support page) and Designer Help has more examples and information on the query syntax.

    Jack Tsang
    Advisory Software Engineer
    EngageOne Compose
    Pitney Bowes