EngageOne® Compose 4.4 SP9 , including Designer 6.6 SP9 now available

  • 1.  EngageOne® Compose 4.4 SP9 , including Designer 6.6 SP9 now available

    Posted 05-28-2019 07:51
    Edited by Paul Barron 06-14-2019 05:30
    Pitney Bowes are pleased to announce the general availability of EngageOne Compose 4.4 Service Pack 9 Suite.

    This release includes new releases of the following :

    • EngageOne Server 4.4 SP9 []
    • EngageOne Interactive Editor (ActiveX & Desktop App Cross-Browser) 6.6 SP9 []
    • EngageOne Designer 6.6 SP9 [ ]
    • EngageOne Generate 6.6 SP9 [ ]
    • EngageOne Content Author 6.6 SP9 [ 
    These releases are available to download from the e-Store
    Please contact your regional technical support team for download details.

    New in this Release

    Windows Server 2019 Standard (64 Bit) / Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (CU13)
    This release of EngageOne Compose adds support for these Windows and SQL versions on:
    • EngageOne Server 4.4 Service Pack 9
    • EngageOne Designer 6.6 Service Pack 9
    • EngageOne Content Author 6.6 Service Pack 9

    Designer / EngageOne Admin Bypass Output Channel Processing
    This release adds support for a new "Non Interactive" Designer Publish option for EngageOne Server – "Bypass Output Channel Processing", which allows all Designer configured Journals, DIJ, Lookup Tables, Keymaps to be specified through use of Generate OPS settings as set in the  NA-Batch Configuration file.

    This feature restores the level of Generate Performance for large document runs in EngageOne Server previously experienced only in "Publish for Generate" output.

    For details and restrictions, please refer to the Designer Release Notes / Designer Users guide and EngageOne Server release notes and Server Administration Guide.

    Engageone Server  Integrated Security for Microsoft SQL Server
    This release adds support for EngageOne Server Integrated security in a Microsoft SQL Server environment using a new deploy.properties file property:
    See the EngageOne Server installation guide for further details

    Designer Advanced Search enhancements
    This release adds support for Designer Advanced Search on Data Format Data Fields and Data Alias as used in Dictionary, Data map, and Publications.
    Designer Advanced Search has also had the following improvements:

    Designer integration with EngageOne Compose Cloud
    This release adds new Designer publish option "Tasks / Publish for Compose Cloud" to support publishing Design Publications to the EngageOne Compose Cloud as PDF attachments to  e-mail communications.
    Contact your support team to register an account with EngageOne Compose Cloud.

    Designer concurrent Publish update
    Designer Publish is updated in this release to remove the Pause dialog invoked in previous Designer releases when multiple Publish tasks are executed concurrently. Designer Publish now waits silently for the first Publish to complete before completing the next Publish task.

    This applies to both Designer Publish from the Publish Wizard and to the Designer Command line publish (DOC1Publish) utility.

    Designer / Generate Thai tone mark support
    This release adds support in Designer / Generate for Thai tone marks where the tone marks use individual single characters. This style of tone mark is used on fonts provided with later Windows Operating System (e.g. Windows 10) such as Leelawadee and variants.

    Designer 6.6 Service Pack 9 publish compatibility with earlier Generate / Vault / Editor versions
    Changes to Designer Publish in this release requires the following for design resources published from 6.6.9 :
    •  A matching Generate 6.6.9 is required for Designer 6.6.9 published HIPs.
    •  A matching Interactive Editor 6.6.9 is required for Designer 6.6.9 published templates
    •  An updated set of Resource extraction (RMFUTIL) libraries for resources ingested into Vault
    Note : The use of earlier Vault RMFUTIL 6.0.x  and any earlier Interactive Editor / Generate 6.6.x versions with Designer 6.6.9 published resources is NOT supported.

    In line with the relevant vendor's end of support dates, Designer / Generate / Content Author Support is withdrawn from this release for the following:

    Operating Systems
    • HP UNIX (Itanium)
    • IBM AIX 6.1
    • IBM OS/400
    The minimum supported IBM AIX level for this release is AIX 7.1 TL4.

    Output Devices
    • Metacode
    • VPS
    • VIPP
    • PPML
    • IJPDS
    • MIBF
    These devices will continue to function on an "as is" basis with Designer / Generate 6.6 SP9, but no new features or issue fixes will be available for these devices.

    Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008       (SQL v10.0.x)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SQL v10.5.x)
    The minimum supported SQL version for EngageOne Compose products in this release is Microsoft SQL 2012 (SP4).

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)
    Watford, United Kingdom