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FYI: Edit Coordinates Bug MapInfo Pro 17.0.3 (MIPRO-110509)

  • 1.  FYI: Edit Coordinates Bug MapInfo Pro 17.0.3 (MIPRO-110509)

    Posted 07-07-2019 18:56
    *Note* this bug has already been reported and is being posted here FYI only.

    This issue happens when coordinates are adjusted, have been able to reproduce on several machines with different tables.

    To reproduce:

    For illustration, here are the coordinates of the point we want to edit.

    We then attempt to fine tune (adjust) the position slightly (as shown below):

    We then click OK to commit the changes we can see the marker moves way off course (not even close to the same latitude or longitude)
    To give you some idea how far off, here are the coordinates it seems to throw the adjusted marker to.
    This is scheduled to be patched in the next 17.0.4 release.

    Steven Graham
    Software Architect and Distinguished Computer Engineer
    Tenterfield Shire Council