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Auto-completing the Address

  • 1.  Auto-completing the Address

    Posted 07-01-2019 03:55

    GeoSearch API auto-completes the partial address provided by the user, which can be useful in your e-commerce businesses check-out, shipping, or billing pages. This helps shipping the product to the correct address, helps calculate the exact tax rates for that address, and results in an amazing buying experience for the customers.

    This API has one endpoint, which can do a search based on latitude longitude, IP Address, or a Country. There are other parameters that can be used to narrow down the search accordingly.

    Let's see a use case:

    1. If you are building shipping and billing pages for your website, where user will enter the delivery address.
      User can start typing the address, for example "32 boulder…" and the address suggestions will start populating for him, such as "32 boulder CT, Mystic, CT 06355", "32 Boulder Ave, Hillbury, NY 10931", etc. The user can then select the required address.
    2. If you are building a website, mobile app or any other application, where user will sign-up using their address and other information.
      When user will start typing the address on the sign-up page, this API will auto-detect the user's location using his device ip address from which user is trying to sign-up and starts providing the address suggestions around that detected ip address. The user can then select the required address.

    The address search can further be refined by providing the parameter values for this API. For example, searchRadius parameter can be used to find address within a particular radius and the value can be provided in feet, kms, miles, and meters. There are other parameters like areaName1, areaName3, postcode which search within a state, city or town, or a postal code respectively.

    Harpreet Singh Seehra
    Pitney Bowes Software India Pvt. Lt