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Street Manager Update (UK)

  • 1.  Street Manager Update (UK)

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 04-09-2018 12:04

    Street Manager Update (UK)

    Pitney Bowes attended a session with the DfT and other EToN Developer Group members on the 29th March to discuss the current status of the Street Manager project.

    The “Alpha” phase of the project is now complete and a working prototype showing Forward Planning and Granting a Permit has been demonstrated to selected stakeholders. We were only shown a PowerPoint of this during the meeting. The DfT stated that they were awaiting budget approval before proceeding to the next “Beta” phase.

    The current proposed timescales are to have a “private” beta early in 2019 with a public beta at the end of 2019. The private beta will be between a small group of authorities / utilities but the idea is that Street Manager would replace EToN for those participants. The public beta will be available to everyone and transition arrangements will apply regarding moving off EToN (a further workshop is planned to discuss transition).

    At the moment it is still not clear what functionality will be included in the first release. The DfT clearly stated that the scope would be limited to Street Works, but it is possible that not all aspects of a Street Works system will be included, such as overrun charging, inspection sampling, etc. The DfT stated it will be up to the user community to dictate how functionality is prioritised for delivery. It was reiterated that Application Program Interfaces (APIs) will be provided to allow systems like Confirm to interface with Street Manager, e.g. for noticing / permitting of own works, mobile inspections, etc.

    However, the DfT made it very clear that, although they were happy to keep developers informed on the progress of the project, they would not be directly seeking our input regarding system functionality or interfacing requirements. The DfT are expecting the end users (authorities and utilities) to fully specify all requirements and ensure for themselves that any gaps in functionality are covered by their systems.

    This does not mean that developers cannot participate in the process, but we will only be able to do so if we are invited to relevant workshops and requirements gathering sessions by our customers – the DfT will not invite us themselves.

    We are obviously keen to participate in these sessions to ensure that Street Manager fully addresses your needs, or where it doesn’t to ensure that the system is designed in such a way that we are able to effectively fill in any gaps.

    We would therefore be grateful if you could keep us informed of any Street Manager sessions that your organisation is involved in and consider inviting us to attend and represent your interests if appropriate. Please email either or as soon as you become aware of any sessions that you believe may be relevant.

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    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 04-12-2019 13:29
    Hi Everyone, another brief update on Street Manager.

    We now have access to the API sandbox (test area) and have been able to successfully send Permit Applications into Street Manager from Confirm.  The Street Manager team have also provided a mechanism that allows us to pull updates back from Street Manager and load them into Confirm.  The ultimate goal here is that we will be able to replicate all the data that appears in Street Manager in Confirm so that you can continue to use Confirm to fill any gaps in the functionality that Street Manager provides.

    We are currently aiming to build the interface to Street Manager as a stand alone "adapter" that will allow you to take new versions of the adapter as Street Manager evolves without having to upgrade your whole Confirm system.

    I have another meeting with the DfT on the 23rd April where we will be discussing a bit more detail like field mapping and how certain processes, like inspection of legacy works, will function.

    We are hoping to do a quick demo of the interface in the Birmingham customer day on the 2nd May and can hopefully answer further questions then.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions in the meantime.

    John Gomersall

  • 3.  RE: Street Manager Update (UK)

    Pitney Bowes
    Posted 07-10-2019 06:46

    Hi everyone,

    Please find below update on Street Manager interface with Confirm:

    We are working on interfacing the Street Manager API with Confirm. In the current phase, we have prioritized the following two use cases:

    1. Ensuring that self-promoted works (for road purposes) are automatically transmitted to Street Manager as per our existing automatic Street Works noticing processes.
    2. Pulling back other Utility works (Submitted/Planned , Work Start and Work Stop) from Street Manager to support mobile inspections using ConfirmConnect. As we move forward, we will support submitting the results of inspections to Street Manager.

    From the deployment perspective, we are working towards an end of August timeline to provide the above functionality via a Street Manager adapter to clients participating in beta program, which can be upgraded without the need to upgrade Confirm. This new adapter will take charge of Street Works Transfer Agent as well. For now, this may be deployed as a windows schedule task, and will be decoupled from the Confirm Task Processor. This means it will still work at scheduled intervals but will not available via the Confirm Scheduled Tasks screen.

    Our focus thus far has been to ensure Confirm applications like ConfirmWorkzone and ConfirmConnect, which have inbuilt automation for creating and/or progressing works, are still relevant while Street Works co-ordination actions (like Grants) can be managed from within the Street Manager interface.

    However, based our recent discussions with some of our clients, it looks like our Authority clients are interested in like for like functionality in Confirm via API integration with Street Manager. It will be helpful to know your preferences to adjust our course of action accordingly.

    Himanshu Jain

    Himanshu Jain
    Product Owner
    Pitney Bowes


  • 4.  RE: Street Manager Update (UK)

    Posted 07-11-2019 09:56
    Hi Himanshu,

    I would say Dorset are more in accord with your original focus, that is:
    We are intending to monitor our street works register from Street Manager but would like to take advantage of any automated processes that we still can through Workzone and Connect and other job updates - as well as Connect inspections of course.
    We're intending to move to permitting at the end of the year however so the impact of this on our automated noticing is not yet known and could change our perspective slightly. We are not intending to adopt Street Manager until after we have established permitting.
    I'm not sure what you mean by the Window scheduled task. Does this mean street works files will no longer be held in the database but in some third location?
    Thanks very much for the update - very welcome news.

    Kind regards
    Dorset Council

    Lesley Cocker
    Dorset County Council

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