Data Points

  • 1.  Locating your Device

    Posted 07-01-2019 03:56

    GeoLocation API helps you to locate the real-world location of your device, such as an internet connected device, a fixed line phone, and access points. It also tells the device status of your fixed line or a mobile phone.

    This API uses an IP Address, mac address of a Wi-fi Access point, or a fixed line phone number to locate your device.

    Let's see few use cases:

    1. If you are building an application that prevents online frauds like banking and social media account hacking, card frauds on retail sites, and etc.
      User can enter the IP address and get the device information like its latitude and longitude coordinates, country, region, city, post code. User will also get the network, organization, and connection information associated with that IP address.
      This can help prevent fraud based on location specific fraud prevention rule.
    2. If you are building an application for a corporate client, wherein they want to discover non-inventory access points, creating a corporate access point inventory, or identify unauthorized access points.
      User can enter the MAC address of all the Wi-fi access points along with the ssid, rssi, and the connection speed information. This will fetch him the location coordinates of the access points, which can help him analyze and perform required actions on those access points.

    Harpreet Singh Seehra
    Pitney Bowes Software India Pvt. Lt