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Mapbox tiles

  • 1.  Mapbox tiles

    Posted 01-30-2019 04:27
    I am trying to create an Mapbox MBtiles File from a set of 2480 Aerial images. I have succeeded somehow but the georeferencing is not correct. There is a shift.
    It seems  to me the issue resides in the fact that my raster images are not georeferenced in WGS84 but in Luref (EPSG2169)
    What would you suggest to transform a tabfile like this one so that the raster image is represented in WGS84 making the export into MBTile correct?

    !version 300
    !charset WindowsLatin1

    Definition Table
    File "2016-0059-0073-25.tif"
    Type "RASTER"
    (59000,73000) (0,0) Label "Pt 1",
    (60000,73000) (4000,0) Label "Pt 2",
    (60000,72000) (4000,4000) Label "Pt 3",
    (59000,72000) (0,4000) Label "Pt 4"
    CoordSys Earth Projection 8, 9999, 4, -192.986, 13.673, -39.309, 0.4099, 2.9332, -2.6881, 0.43, 0, "m", 6.166666667, 49.83333333, 1, 80000, 100000
    Units "m"
    "\IsReadOnly" = "FALSE"
    "\MapInfo" = ""
    "\MapInfo\TableID" = "177ce58d-0433-4644-a7c3-55116ba1de73"



    Georges Majerus
    Project Manager Telecom

  • 2.  RE: Mapbox tiles

    Posted 02-18-2019 03:18
    Hi Georges

    If you want to transform your Luref coordinates from the tab file above into WGS84, you will have to convert the individual coordinate.

    This could be done by
    1. inserting the value pairs into a table in MapInfo Pro
    2. Creating points using these value pairs, specifying the coordsys as Luref
    3. Using CoordinateExtractor to add two additonal columns for WGS84 coordinates and extract the coordinates as WGS84 coordinates.

    But I'm not quite sure if that will fix the issue of the shift completely.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Pitney Bowes

  • 3.  RE: Mapbox tiles

    Posted 02-18-2019 07:35

    Hello Peter,


    Thank you very much for your valuable insight. I will give these ideas a try when I have a spare minute.




    Georges Majerus | Senior Project Coordinator, Fiber Network

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    Twitter : @LuxConnect





  • 4.  RE: Mapbox tiles

    Posted 02-15-2020 03:42
    Georges, I am trying to add Mapbox Dark tiles into MIP.  I can get user, style and token correct but when it goes in to login with UN and PW it doesn't open.  I know without a doubt that credentials are right, but it just keeps reopening.  Is this how you got the tile into MIP?

    Jay Scot
    Knowledge Community Shared Account