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Points of Interest Autocomplete and Detail by Id

  • 1.  Points of Interest Autocomplete and Detail by Id

    Posted 06-17-2019 02:00

    This API retrieves matching POIs based on input of partial POI name. It has two endpoints, POI Autocomplete and POI Detail. POI Autocomplete fetches only the important POI data while POI Detail fetches full POI details based on POI Id received by Autocomplete call.

    This API can be used in auto completing POI name in your application, which will enhance user experience and provides more accurate POI information.

    For example, if you search for Starbucks using POI Autocomplete (you can enter a partial name like "Star" or "Starb"), it will return matching POIs based on partial text input with information like POI Id, name, distance, relevance score, address, however, if you want detailed POI information, you can copy the POI Id from this call and use it in POI Detail API and get detailed information like phone number, email, detailed address like areaname1, areaname3, postcode, country. You will also get POI classification like the business line, sicCode, etc. along with various other information.

    The POI search is based either on the Location (latitude and longitude), Ip Address or Country. Search can further be drilled down using different parameters like search radius, travel time, distance, areaName1, areaName3, etc.

    Let's see couple of use cases to know how this API and the parameters works:

    • If you are building an application and want the users to search for a POI by providing partial text inputs using POI Autocomplete call.
      If user wants to search for burger shops in a particular location, user can type "Burg", "Burge", or even "Burger" in the name. It will search for the nearest burger shops matching with user input like in this case "Burger King" outlets will come in the result.
    • Now, if the user wants to contact a particular "Burger King" outlet, he can provide the POI id for any required outlet from the above API call in POI Detail by Id API to get more information like the outlet phone number.

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