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GeoSearch Integration in E-Commerce

  • 1.  GeoSearch Integration in E-Commerce

    Posted 06-17-2019 02:00

    GeoSearch API is used to auto-complete and auto-populate the addresses based on the partial address input. Any e-commerce portal can benefit with GeoSearch API by implementing them in their shipping pages. This helps in accurate shipping of the product by reducing the address errors. This can also help in calculating the accurate shipping and tax rates.

    As soon as buyers start typing the address while purchasing a product or during the payment, it auto-populates the address suggestions for them and buyers can choose the desired address. This avoids the chance of typing the wrong address by the buyer and finally results in less shipping failures.

    For example, Borderfree is a global shipping store who integrated the GeoSearch API in their payment page, which helped them in improving conversion rates for retailers. GeoSearch integration has been beneficial for Borderfree so far as it made buying and check-out process much easier for the buyers. It also boosted the user experience and customer satisfaction.

    Borderfree case study can be read in detail at

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