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MapInfo 17.0.2 - crash on "Add Column"

  • 1.  MapInfo 17.0.2 - crash on "Add Column"

    Posted 05-23-2019 13:57
    Issuing the following command will crash MapInfo 17.0.2:

    Add Column "table1" (grid_id) from table0 Set To grid_id Where Contains

    I even tried it via GUI the "Add Column" same result.

    I get this Unhandled exception:
    Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFA8758D875 (rpcrt4.dll) in MapInfoPro.exe: A LIST_ENTRY has been corrupted (i.e. double remove).

    Jacques Bastien


  • 2.  RE: MapInfo 17.0.2 - crash on "Add Column"

    Posted 05-24-2019 12:29
    Hi Jacques
    We're going to need to get  these tables and try here to reproduce.  There are literally hundreds of automated test cases that are run almost daily that do an AddColumn operation without incident.
    If they are  small enough and are not confidential data, please upload here or  provide a location where we can obtain them if possible.
    Would be glad to help.


    Bill Wemple
    Principal QA Engineer
    Pitney Bowes
    Troy, NY